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About Us

The mission of Project Sanctuary is to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault in Mendocino County through advocacy, crisis response, community collaboration, education, and safe housing.

Our Story


Project Sanctuary, Inc. is a private non-profit organization supported by state, local funds, and contributions from individuals. We began in the late 1970s by an all-volunteer group of women who started a confidential hotline. Quickly, the need for emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and a safe house was established in Ukiah. In the fall of 1980, rape crisis services were added to provide emergency response and counseling to survivors of sexual assault. In 1991, a crisis center in Fort Bragg was established, serving clients along the Mendocino Coast from Gualala to Westport. In 2005, prevention education services were added, establishing outreach to many school districts throughout the county. Over 2000 individuals are served each year by Project Sanctuary.

Our Values

Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to providing equitable, inclusive services and safe workplaces, celebrating the diversity of experiences and backgrounds of our clients, staff and within our community. Acknowledging the systemic barriers that affect survivors is critical preventing domestic violence and sexual assault.

Collaborator Engagement

We recognize community partnerships and collaborations as vital in fulfilling our mission and achieving our goals. Working together, we share knowledge, skills, and expertise and perspectives for a common purpose.

Forward Thinking and Adaptable

We are resilient and creative in addressing change and anticipating future developments.

Commitment to our Mission

We are client centered and are committed to empowering survivors, providing the resources they need to be successful in living lives free from violence and abuse. We work with the community to prioritize the prevention of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Compassion and Empathy

We treat our clients with compassion, kindness and empathy and extend that to our board, staff, volunteers, and community.

Leadership and Board of Directors

Michelle Roberts

Executive Director (She/Her)

Judy Albert

Inland Program Director (She/Her)

Makayla Chacon

Director of Coast Services (She/Her)

Justin Briggs

President (He/Him)

Jessica Johnson

Treasurer (She/Her)

Sheila English

Secretary (She/Her)

Amy Wray


Craig Comen


Sue Ann Anzilotti


Joey Mertle


Jennifer Reyes


Kelly Denham


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Land Acknowledgment

Project Sanctuary stands in humble acknowledgment of the profound contributions and rich heritage of the Indigenous People of Mendocino County. We pay homage to the resilience and stewardship of their lands. Project Sanctuary is committed to justice and healing to create an inclusive and supportive environment in Mendocino County for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. In May of 2021, Project Sanctuary hired a consulting firm to provide training to staff, Board and volunteers on Racial Equity. The desired outcomes of the project were as follows:

  1. To develop a shared understanding of language, definitions and history relative to the impact of racism on our society.
  2. Develop strategies for Project Sanctuary to address inequities – racial and otherwise – including defining practical ways to integrate anti-racism into organizational operations and activities;
  3. Provide coaching, advising and support relative to implementation of equity-related policies and practices.

After the training, staff volunteered to work on a Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Self-Assessment (CROS) team to move things forward regarding examining the current issues that needed to be addressed at the agency. The CROS team developed a questionnaire and interviewed all staff and Board members regarding these issues. Five primary areas for growth were identified. Moving forward, the team established goals to become more knowledgeable in equity and diversity to better serve the community, where all clients feel welcomed and served equitably and validated across race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, religion, culture, ability, age and class. The CROS team expanded to become a joint Board/Staff committee focused specifically on developing an agency-wide DEI plan complete with goals and strategies to accomplish the goals. Two Board/Staff retreats were held in addition to monthly committee meetings. On March 25, 2022, the final retreat was held. At this meeting, values, DEI goals, strategies, and an implementation plan were finalized. The joint Board/Staff DEI team continues to meet monthly. Progress toward goals is monitored and the plan is revised and modified as necessary. Three of the five goals have been accomplished.